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Rooster's Rest

The only 3 Michelin stars restaurant in Los Santos

Release the cock

Add a toy to Your order for only $50

Collect all toys of set and win $250k


Tony Corleone


47 wiv... I mean... 47 bikes

Raymond Romanov


We'll build a pond!

Denzel Williams

Mayor of Los Santos

I'm old.

Fingle Dan

Persona Non Grata


James "Bucky" Barnes



Erin Cox


Oh Jesus!

Yuno Sykk


About Us

Lang Buddha

Once you've tried The Cock,
You'll always come back for more.

Rooster's Rest is a thriving hub of delicious food, companionship and atmosphere!

"We are here to carry out a legacy started by Grandma Ling. There is a lot of care and love involved." - Mr. Lang Buddha

With a wide range of food and drinks availble, as well as live entertainment most nights you can find everything you need to live the fullest life possible in the city.

Glory to The Cock!

Humberto Pecorino

"The Rooster flies over the nest... with egg in hand"

A few reasons why You should choose us

  • 01 Continuing great legacy

    History of this place goes back several decades, inherited the inn from his grandmother, Mr. Lang cherishes the memory of his family.

  • Our food is always made with fresh ingredients, nutritious, vegan- and vege-friendly. Just ask cook about meal variation.

  • Comfortable work atmosphere and professional customer service. We're always aim for that target.


Our team consists of qualified personnel

Penny Farthing

Chief Executive Officer

Dreah Johnson

Director of Marketing

Nino Chavez

Chief Financial Officer

Nikita Reznikov

Director of Security

The Nerds

Bjorn the Battle-ready Barbarian

Stagdancer the Paladin

Lando Stormborn of the Mountain Kingdom in the North

Gloryon the Storm Cleric

Leyla Nightingale of Embervalen

Yaeger Demonblood the Warlock

The Management

Ellie Dono

Gerard Hawthorne

Thomas Sullivan

Henry King

Tao Chen

Event Coordinators

Lana Valentine

Hung Jae Min

Lewis Marsden

Liz Anya

Paris Argo

Tori Bologna

Trina Bergström

Yoi Tsukita